St Kilda Retail has been selected as Clan Hope of Craighall Society's Australian Kilt Maker


The Australian kilt maker and highland wear supplier St Kilda Retail has been selected as the exclusive Australian kilt maker for Clan Hope of Craighall Society.

As our clan tartan, Hope-Vere - 780 is not in general weave, meaning that it cannot be bought or off the shelf anywhere in the world we needed to negotiate with a local kilt maker who was willing to order and hold stock of our tartan for Kilts, plaids, kilted skirts, scarves and sashes. Specific clan items such as clan banners and flags for Scottish and Celtic events also need to be made from our tartan. Doug Manger of St Kilda Retail, in Booval, Queensland, was kind enough to offer to order an initial 25 metres of our tartan, enough to make at least seven kilts or combinations of kilts and other items.

To order any Clan Hope item please visit the St Kilda Retail website at where you can browse their product range, find their email address or phone number and order online.